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Sometimes, we report our observations of proceedings in the Court of Protection in the form of threads (sequential tweets) on Twitter. We know that things are easily lost on Twitter, especially as time goes by, so we keep a record of all our tweet threads in the form of pdf documents. You can find links to all our tweet threads below.

If you require access to the text of a thread in a format other than the pdfs available here (e.g. if you use a screen-reader), please feel free to contact us via our Contact page and we will do our best to provide the content in a more accessible format.

23. 14th November 2022

Thread detailing our reporting of the CoP’s performance against its commitment to open justice and transparency.

22. 20th September 2022

Overview of Courtel/Courtserve (publicly available court listings) and how well they support transparency in the COP (September).

21. 31st July 2022

Systematic overview of one day in July – listings, open justice, ‘hidden hearings’.

20. 1st July 2022

Thread of daily ‘hidden hearings’ during July 2022.

19. 26th June 2022

Systematic analysis by Celia of COP listings – highlighting detrimental impact on transparency of listing inaccuracies.

18. 17th May 2022

The Court of Protection is committed to the principle of transparency, but listings regularly describe hearings as “Private” meaning that members of the public are discouraged from observing them – a significant practical barrier to open justice.

17. 15th May 2022

Thread on the problem of “private” listings in the Court of Protection.

16. 6th May 2022

A best interests decision about Covid vaccination for a man in his 30s (‘AD’)

15. 2nd March 2022

Thread about ongoing problems with listings in the CoP and their impact on transparency.

14. 27th February 2022

A thread explaining why OJCOP publishes our own listings of hearings for members of the public to observe each day, rather than directing people to the court’s own Cause Lists or Courtserve.

13. 25th November 2021

Thread covering judgment in the case of AH where the court considers an appeal against a decision by Mr Justice Hayden in the CoP that it was not in P’s best interests to continue to receive life-sustaining treatment. Appeal was upheld on one of the 5 grounds advanced – that the judge’s visit to P after the hearing but before he handed down his judgment was procedurally problematic. Raises implications for the court in specifying reasons for the judge to visit P in hospital.

12. 28th October 2021

A thread about a hearing in which Mr Justice Hayden was required to determine questions of capacity and (possibly) best interests concerning a pregnant woman with schizophrenia who wished to give birth vaginally, but doctors were requesting the court’s permission to perform a c-section.

11. 4th October 2021

A thread about life sustaining treatment before Mr Justice Cobb in the Court of Protection – Concerning ‘NK’: a man in his 50s who experienced cardiac arrest having gone into hospital with pneumonia, and was in Intensive Care.

10. 9th September 2021

A thread about the problems with Transparency Orders – and offering help to make things better!

9. 29th July 2021

Celia Kitzinger tweeted her observations of the Court of Appeal in Re. C – where the court was asked to consider an appeal concerning whether a care plan to facilitate P’s access to sex workers could be implemented lawfully.

8. 19th July 2021

Anna Dannreuther tweets on a hearing before the UK Supreme Court (Re. JB) dealing with capacity to consent to sex – and how consent is defined in such capacity assessments.

7. 10th May 2021

Jenny Kitzinger reports on a hearing concerned with a decision about withdrawal of treatment for ‘KM’ – clinicians view this treatment as ‘burdensome’ and ‘futile’, but KM’s family is of the view that his religious beliefs would have meant he would wish treatment to continue.

6. 29th April 2021

An ’emergency’ hearing before the Court concerning another amputation case, involving ‘FA’ who has gangrene in both feet and faces potentially fatal Septicaemia.

5. 20th April 2021

Unusually ‘fractious’ adversarial hearing before the Court of Protection – a court usually known for its ‘inquisitorial’ approach.

4. 16th February 2021

Hearing before Mr Justice Hayden to determine best interests of P in a coma following catastrophic brain injury.

3. 27th January 2021

A hearing concerned with RS – A 30 year old man diagnosed with testicular cancer.

2. 25th January 2021

Hearing before Mr Justice Hayden concerning Trans-Urethral Resection of Prostate (TURP) procedure for 63 year old man with Learning Disability

1. 14th January 2021

Hearing before Mrs Justice Judd about replacement of a feeding tube for a woman with Lewy Body Dementia

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