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Friday 19th August 2022

Case No: COP 13407956 Re NJ

Before: Mr Justice Keehan

Sitting at: Royal Courts of Justice (via MS Teams)

Time: 2.00pm Friday 19th August 2022

Issues: We don’t have any information as to what this hearing is about, but it’s before one of the most senior judges, so likely to concern a significant matter.

Contact for access: Email: rcj.familyhighcourt@justice.gov.uk (copying it to rcj.familylisting@justice.gov.uk) as soon as possible and before 9.30am on the morning of the hearing if possible. If you don’t get an answer (check your spam!) by 20 mins before the scheduled start of the hearing, you can phone 0207 9477551 and ask for it. You’ll need to tell them the time of your email, so have that to hand.

This information is provided via: The RCJ Daily Cause List

Case No.


Sitting at:



Contact for access:

This information is provided via:

This is where we provide details of hearings you can observe right away. They are chosen from the listings published in the Court of Protection’s Daily Cause Lists. They are only available after 4.30 pm on the day before the hearing, and it may be some hours after that before we list them here.

The Featured Hearings we list here are provided for convenience, and for ease-of-access for people who may be unfamiliar with observing hearings in the Court of Protection. This is just a selection from about 20-30 hearings that are scheduled to take place across England and Wales each day. You can check out our Find More Hearings page for links to further hearings in the Court of Protection). We also tweet all the hearings we know about, so check our Twitter feed (@OpenJusticeCOP).

You do not need our permission to observe hearings – and you should feel free to go ahead and arrange to access a hearing without contacting us in advance, unless you could use information or support we haven’t included on this site (though we would love you to write about your experiences and observations for our blog!)

How to access a hearing

1. Check what hearings are listed.

2. Pick one you want to observe. In choosing a hearing you may want to consider (obviously) what time it is listed for, but also whether it is video-platform or phone (many people find hearings on video-platforms much easier to follow) and what the issues are to be addressed (if we know – we don’t always have this information). Also consider the estimated length of the hearing – most are an hour but some can be much longer (and again we don’t always have this information). Note: Quite a lot of hearings are vacated or adjourned (i.e. they don’t happen) so it’s wise to have a second choice hearing as a ‘back up’ plan, i.e. one an hour or so later that you can ask to observe if you don’t get your first choice. If there isn’t one listed on this page, pick one from our Twitter feed).

3. Send an email to the address given. Put the words “Observer Request” in the subject header along with the Case Number (copy and paste it to avoid errors) + the name of the judge. Say: “Dear Court Staff, Please may I observe Case No. xxxx before Judge Y, at [time] on [date]. A link for a video hearing can be sent to this email address or my phone number is xxxx. I confirm that you have my permission to share my email address with representatives for the parties for the purposes of being sent the transparency order and position statements. Thank you.” Make sure that you’ve included your full name at the bottom of the email.

4. They will send you a video-link (or phone you if it’s a phone hearing). (Sometimes we get no response to these requests. That’s why you might want a back-up plan!). Mostly the video-hearings are via MS Teams but occasionally they use Cloud Video Platform (CVP). For info about how to use CVP, click here.

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