Hearing Feedback Form

We know that observing the Court of Protection in action can sometimes be a bit of a challenge – watching proceedings that are second nature to most of the parties involved (judges, barristers and court staff) who do this work day-in and day-out; but that to us, as members of the public, can sometimes seem rather strange and confusing.

We have designed this short feedback questionnaire to help public observers to make sense of, and record what they see in court. It provides a structure for you to note down the fundamentals of what you see and hear – including making a note of anything that doesn’t make sense to you at the time (“What’s a COP3 form?” “What is Section 21A?”).

Simply download the form in your preferred format ahead of the hearing you plan to observe

Complete the form in as much detail as you can

And return it to us at openjustice@yahoo.com

Please don’t worry if you don’t get all the information, and/or can’t answer all the questions on the form – any information you can send us is valuable, and much appreciated.

You can download the feedback questions here, in either MS Word or PDF format:

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