Navigating Approaches to Care when Family and Local Authority Disagree

By Hilary Paxton – 31st July, 2020 On 29 June I started a job as a 2-day per week trainee Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) and Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR) for an advocacy provider in Yorkshire. I am currently doing my induction and lots of training.  I have never worked with the Court of ProtectionContinue reading “Navigating Approaches to Care when Family and Local Authority Disagree”

Protection versus Autonomy and Pragmatism versus Principle: A Balancing Act in the Court of Protection

“This is an account of a Court of Protection hearing before Mr Justice Hayden in the case of Re ‘D’ on Friday 19th June 2020. In it I aim to provide an insight into the hearing itself, and — as someone with a keen interest in the law but no legal qualifications — what it was like to observe…”