Bundles and Bundles of Documents

“The court bundle is, literally, a bundle of documents. In previous versions of the procedural rules for civil cases (i.e. those outside of the Court of Protection) it was explicitly said to be a ‘bundle of documents’ – though that seems to have fallen out of use in subsequent revisions of the rules.”

Capacity and Death in the Court of Protection

“…The hearing I observed gave me faith in the system and makes me believe that if things ever got to the Court of Protection, his rights would be respected…”

Transparency Orders: Reflections from a Public Observer

“…it’s important when writing about hearings observed in the Court of Protection, to bear in mind not only the legal requirements of the Transparency Order, but also the likely impact of what is written on the people centrally involved in the case…”

Person-Centred Decision Making in the Court of Protection

“…As a nurse my main focus is that the person remains at the centre of everything. It was so reassuring to see that this also was the primary focus within a formal court hearing for Mr Justice Hayden…”

Transparency in the Court of Protection

“…like many, I’ve been troubled by the potential effects of the current crisis on vulnerable people, including those who lack capacity. All the more reason, then, to support the goals of open justice and bear witness to the profound decisions now being made remotely in the Court of Protection…”

Making Transparency a Reality in the Court of Protection: A Rallying Call for Autistic Pride Day 2020

By Gill Loomes-Quinn – 18th June, 2020 Today is Autistic Pride Day. It is the fifteenth time June 18th has marked the celebration since it was inaugurated by the campaign and solidarity group Aspies for Freedom in 2005, and subsequently taken up and developed both on- and offline by the autistic rights movement globally. AsContinue reading “Making Transparency a Reality in the Court of Protection: A Rallying Call for Autistic Pride Day 2020”

Seeing, Hearing and Understanding Justice Being Done

“I think I was left with more questions after the hearing had concluded than before it had begun. I could see justice being done. I could hear justice being done. But, hand on heart, I can’t say I fully understood the justice being done. The steps being made towards transparency in justice are very positive but there’s still some way to go.”