When P can’t go home to his “abusive” wife: Another ineffective hearing

By Celia Kitzinger, 25th June 2022 The protected party at the centre of this case (P) has dementia and Parkinson’s Disease.  He’s in a care home and he wants to return home.  The difficulty is that his wife, who lives in the house of which he is sole owner, is (allegedly) abusive and subjects him to coerciveContinue reading “When P can’t go home to his “abusive” wife: Another ineffective hearing”

Fairness in court for a Litigant in Person

There’s an application for an injunction against P’s wife ordering her to move out of his house in two weeks’ time.  This is because P would like to move back home (he’s currently in residential care) but she is alleged to have abused him.  

Over-ruling P’s Strong Wishes in a Best Interests Decision: Autonomy, Protection and P’s voice

“…The position taken by the Official Solicitor (OS) meant that the Local Authority (the applicant), the NHS Trust (the second respondent) and the OS (the first respondent) all took exactly the same position – all opposed to P’s wishes. It felt very one-sided and as though nobody was arguing for what P wanted, except for P herself…”