Decision-making with clarity and compassion: Validity of LPAs and appointment of Deputy

The judge summarised the proceedings stating “I formally record the LPAs are invalid and should not be registered, and the application for deputyship for property and affairs is approved”. The LPAs were invalid was because Stephen lacked capacity at the time of signing the documents. 

Dietary Restrictions, aggression, and a placement in jeopardy (plus transparency matters)

There is something fundamental about choosing what food to put (and not to put) into your mouth, that most of us take for granted as adults. It feels somewhat Orwellian to be denied food on the grounds that it’s not in our best interests to eat it.  A few years back, the world’s first vending machine with facial recognition technology was unveiled, with the potential to refuse to vend a certain product based on a shopper’s age, medical record or dietary requirements. Despite the potential health benefits, it hasn’t caught on.