Decision-making with clarity and compassion: Validity of LPAs and appointment of Deputy

The judge summarised the proceedings stating “I formally record the LPAs are invalid and should not be registered, and the application for deputyship for property and affairs is approved”. The LPAs were invalid was because Stephen lacked capacity at the time of signing the documents. 

Office of the Public Guardian steps in when attorneys don’t agree

I have made an LPA for Property and Affairs myself and was conscious at the time that they are not without their difficulties. In this case, there is a real possibility that, as P’s assets reduce, either he or his wife will have to move home and reduce their standard of living. With the best will in the world, I am not sure how this could or should be resolved, and family conflict seems almost unavoidable. In my case I have chosen to include a professional as an Attorney, accepting that this will come at a cost.