Agoraphobia, pregnancy and forced hospital admission: Public responses to media reports

On 14th May 2021, BBC News and two national newspapers ran a story about a Court of Protection hearing concerning  a 21-year-old woman with agoraphobia who is pregnant and wants to give birth at home.  There is no published judgment available yet so these media reports are the only publicly available sources of information.

Why covid vaccination is NOT in this care home resident’s best interests

I really wasn’t sure which decision Mr Justice Hayden was going to make as I sat through the hearing. Details of all possible options were closely examined, especially the option of using a sedative which was discussed in some depth, so I was really quite relieved when he delivered the judgment and I absolutely agree with his decision and with the reasoning behind it.

Advance Requests for Restraint and Compulsory Treatment

“For Paul, the outcome was the one he wanted – at least at time of capacity…[but]…That decision was not his. it was a best interests decision made by the court…”