Discharge from hospital: Light at the end of a very long tunnel

Daniel Clark, 10th March 2023 – with new update by Celia Kitzinger about the emergency hearing on 16th March 2023 (added at end of blog post) This hearing (COP 14036761, before Mrs Justice Theis) was scheduled to begin at 10:30am on Monday 6th March, 2023. However, the Judge was engaged with an urgent matter and soContinue reading “Discharge from hospital: Light at the end of a very long tunnel”

Serious Medical Treatment and Restraint: A young woman with HIV

At the centre of this case is a 17-year-old woman (P), born overseas, who is living with HIV. It is believed she acquired HIV vertically at birth, and her mother died when she was young. P has been raised by her grandmother in this country, and in recent years it appears that she has been looking after her grandmother, who is now elderly with health issues of her own.

A court-authorised hip replacement

declaration ordering surgery was the right outcome. I saw a rigorous but caring and collegial environment in court, with a genuine commitment to involving P. Counsel for the parties adopted a clearly non-adversarial approach throughout. The focus for everyone was on making the right decision for P.

Secure Accommodation for Young People: “A well-known scandal”

This was a case in which the judge and all the parties to the case (including the local authority) were doing their utmost to help a vulnerable young person against the backdrop of a nationwide shortage of appropriate provision.

On care, coercion and childbirth in the Court of Protection

By Ruth Fletcher, 5th July 2021 The decision in ‘An Expectant Mother’ is unsettling on many levels, not least because it takes a harsh legal approach when a care-full one is needed.  Instead of paying even more attention to the experience of the agoraphobic pregnant woman at the heart of this case, somehow the judgment has endedContinue reading “On care, coercion and childbirth in the Court of Protection”

Agoraphobia, pregnancy and forced hospital admission: Public responses to media reports

On 14th May 2021, BBC News and two national newspapers ran a story about a Court of Protection hearing concerning  a 21-year-old woman with agoraphobia who is pregnant and wants to give birth at home.  There is no published judgment available yet so these media reports are the only publicly available sources of information.

Psychiatric Survivors’ Views on Advance Consent and ‘Forced’ Treatment

“… I remain hopeful that by highlighting cases such as Paul’s and learning from lived experiences of psychiatric survivors, we can make small steps that will lead to better experiences of treatment for those in mental health crisis.”

Ethical issues in restraining patients for dialysis

“…Two aspects of Paul’s treatment particularly interest me. First, that the restraint required is rather extreme. Second, that the patient had expressed a clear desire to be restrained as he wants to be dialyzed…”

Advance Requests for Restraint and Compulsory Treatment

“For Paul, the outcome was the one he wanted – at least at time of capacity…[but]…That decision was not his. it was a best interests decision made by the court…”

Authorising restraint– an uneasy judicial decision

“…The person at the centre of the case (“F”) was described as an intelligent, articulate woman. She is 38 years old and has end-stage kidney failure. She had refused dialysis between 28 July and 11 August 2020 and was at a real risk of dying…”