Hoarding disorder, dementia and a wish to return home

Celia Kitzinger, 5th December 2022 This is the fifth Court of Protection case I’ve observed about someone with hoarding disorder. (Take a look at my previous blog post: “A case of hoarding” which describes plans to return a person home with safeguards in place to keep her safe.) The woman at the centre of the case I’mContinue reading “Hoarding disorder, dementia and a wish to return home”

A case of hoarding

By Celia Kitzinger, 17th August 2022 I’ve watched four different Court of Protection cases about people with “hoarding disorder”.  In each one, the local authority had applied to remove the person from their home and rehouse them temporarily, dispose of hoarded property (exactly what could be disposed of, and when, was always contentious), carry out repairs,Continue reading “A case of hoarding”