‘Test case’ on Lasting Powers of Attorney – with troubling delay

By Celia Kitzinger, 31st January 2023 At some point in the future, there may be a time for all of us when we can’t make decisions for ourselves.  It may come suddenly, as it did for my younger sister, Polly, who was catastrophically brain-injured in a car crash in 2009.   Or we may lose capacity toContinue reading “‘Test case’ on Lasting Powers of Attorney – with troubling delay”

No decision without representation

There was no legal representation for Mr M, nor was he in court himself.  The judge said, right away, as soon as this became apparent: “I’m highly unlikely to do anything of substance today, without him being represented”.

A parent’s reflection on “Michael” – a young man with complex needs and no suitable placement

I have been my son’s care coordinator for many years. In our experience there is little or no communication between agencies. Even though I worked in health and social care services for years, I found that the system is like a maze and sourcing every provision has been a battle. Young people fall through the net. I hope adult services offer Michael the chance of stability and safety in his life and suggest that the next care coordinator ensures that his voice is heard and his family are involved.

An unsuitable placement approved by the Court

The decision of the court was to move him, that afternoon, to yet another placement which – counsel had acknowledged from the outset – is not really suitable for him. It was a disappointing outcome. As the judge said in his oral judgment: “None of this seems to me to be entirely satisfactory”.