A challenging capacity assessment and a professional witness in court

By Josie Seydel and Claire Martin, 19 February 2023 Editorial Note:  A psychologist gave professional witness evidence at this hearing about P’s capacity to make decisions relating to care and contact. The two observers who’ve co-authored this blog post are also psychologists.  Listening to his evidence, they have come to opposite conclusions about P’s capacity.  In this blogContinue reading “A challenging capacity assessment and a professional witness in court”

When capacity for contact and sex do not align: Pragmatic decisions and judicial work-arounds

To my mind, the need for judges to adopt creative or pragmatic approaches to reach decisions they feel comfortable with indicates that the state of the law is less than satisfactory. Based on this case and the KF case, it sounds as though this is the direction that decisions about capacity to engage in sexual relations may now be headed: a finding of capacity on a general basis, but with the opportunity for reconsideration where specific individual risks arise.

Medical treatment for people with learning disabilities: Telling Robert Bourn’s story and the challenges of ‘transparency’

The initial response of his treating team, says his mother, was to say there were no treatment options.  Comfort measures only were proposed and a palliative care referral was made.

Bringing a very long saga to an end: A final hearing, transparency issues, and delays with a charging decision

By Paige Taylor, 8th June 2022 On 23rd May 2022 I watched a remote hearing (COP 13585739) before Mrs Justice Lieven.  I am currently a Bar course student at the Inns of Court College of Advocacy, and I wanted to observe a Court of Protection hearing because I have an interest in mental capacity and disability law, particularlyContinue reading “Bringing a very long saga to an end: A final hearing, transparency issues, and delays with a charging decision”

Lasting Power of Attorney: Across Borders

My interest in LPAs, and the reason I became a Lasting Power of Attorney Consultant,  stems from a long career as a nurse in palliative and end of life care, where I witnessed the impact of not having these important documents in place. I feel incredibly passionate about people’s voices; their choices and their values being heard – and LPAs are an important way of enabling this. I advocate for proactive Advance Care Planning and LPAs are one important element of planning ahead. 

An urgent court-authorised Caesarean: Seeing behind a published judgment

I can see why planned care for someone in a highly distressed and deteriorating state is attractive on many fronts. However, like the Court, I really struggle with the sense that there seems to have been no attempt to engage openly and honestly with Miss K, at a time when she may have been better placed to consider her wishes and feelings in an inevitably harrowing situation. 

Treatment for testicular cancer for autistic learning disabled man

By Celia Kitzinger, 3rd March 2021 There was a positive outcome to the hearing before Mrs Justice Lieven on Wednesday 27th January 2021.   After listening to evidence from the treating clinicians and an independent expert consultant in oncology, the Trust and the mother of “RB” (as he is called in the court documents) came to anContinue reading “Treatment for testicular cancer for autistic learning disabled man”

From black letter law to real-life decision making

Editor’s note: This is a report of a later hearing in the same case as the one covered in a previous blog here. By Lucy Williams, 29 October 2020 I am studying a module on Health Care Law at the University of York.  We explore how decision-making capacity is determined on the basis of the Mental Capacity ActContinue reading “From black letter law to real-life decision making”