Capacity and elective caesarean

By Samantha Halliday, 26 January 2022 I have written extensively about court-authorised obstetric intervention[i] but I’ve always relied upon reported decisions.  I am acutely aware that as Rosie Harding has commented: “When only the judgment is available for academic scrutiny, we cannot be clear as to the ways that the various submissions were framed”.   That being the case,Continue reading “Capacity and elective caesarean”

“I have agoraphobia and I had a home birth”

By Michelle Bromley-Hesketh, 28th May 2021 Editorial note (Celia Kitzinger):  I contacted Michelle Bromley-Hesketh after she posted several tweets about the judgment by Holman J, as reported in the press and covered by my blog post.  She said it made her “very angry”, and she was concerned that pregnant women reading about the case – especiallyContinue reading ““I have agoraphobia and I had a home birth””

Inspired by Bournewood: A s.21A challenge and delay in the court

By Evie Robson and Celia Kitzinger, 10th May 2021 On the morning of Tuesday 13th April 2021, we both logged on to MS Teams to observe a hearing before District Judge Ellington (COP 13715986).  The listing information on the First Avenue House website – which helpfully provides advance information about the issues to be addressed in court –  informedContinue reading “Inspired by Bournewood: A s.21A challenge and delay in the court”

Psychiatric Survivors’ Views on Advance Consent and ‘Forced’ Treatment

“… I remain hopeful that by highlighting cases such as Paul’s and learning from lived experiences of psychiatric survivors, we can make small steps that will lead to better experiences of treatment for those in mental health crisis.”